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Our interactive web cam is located on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River between the existing Greenville bridge and the site of the new bridge.view web cam


Site Orientation

· The red dot indicates the position of the web cam
· The solid red line indicates the approximate alignment of the new bridge
· Bridge approaches are indicated with a dashed red line
· Bridge pier locations are indicated with yellow dots and are referred to as Pier 36, Pier 37, Pier 38 and Pier 39 from left (Arkansas bank) to right (Mississippi bank)
· When you access the web cam, you will see a view to the south with Pier 37 in the middle of the picture

Click the colored tabs to the left of the photo to zoom in ( + ) or zoom out ( - ).

View these and other USGS photos of the Greenville/Lake Village area via the Microsoft TerraServer Image Page.